Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#196 Oracle Fusion CRM Application Composer - Creating Links

I've started doing some extensibility work with Fusion CRM Application Composer.
Great tool - wizard/meta-data driven.

To quote the official guide -

The Oracle Fusion CRM Application Composer is a browser-based configuration
tool that enables business analysts and administrators, not just application
developers, to customize and extend an Oracle Fusion CRM application. Make
the type of data model changes which, for non-CRM applications, can only be
made by application developers. For example, easily create a new object and
related fields, then create new Enterprise pages where that object and its fields
are exposed to users. The Application Composer is a design time at runtime tool,
which means that you can navigate to the Application Composer directly from
a CRM application, make your changes, and see most changes take immediate
effect in real time, without having to sign back in to the application.

So what does it look like?

Now in this simple scenario, I want to add a link to Google on the Customer/Sales Account Details page. Customer is naturally an important business object within Fusion CRM. There are a standard set of UI Pages that can be used to interface with it.

 So here we see links to configure Overview/Creation/Details pages. Very intuitive!

There is also a menu option - Action and Links. Here I create my link.

  The Groovy expression used is very simple -

PartyUniqueName is a field on the Details page that I want to pass to Google.

Now that my link is created, I just need to add it to the Details page

Then call up the Customers app to test

Select a Customer and open the details page

Click on the Google link - Google the Customer

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