Monday, July 2, 2012

BPM 11g - Extending Timers

Scenario: Order Process includes a timer e.g. we have to wait a certain amount of time for clearance before processing the order. This time may need to be extended e.g. for large orders etc.

Basic flow is as follows -

Extension achieved via an event sub-process.

Start -

I use a variable to set the Timer to 50 seconds -

Here I set the variable v_timerDuration to "PT50S"
Please see my previous blog postings for an in-depth on this format.

I configure the WAIT as follows -

The Event sub-process is configured as follows -

I update the timer duration as follows -

I set an indicator to signal update -

This is queried in the Exclusive Gateway after the Wait.

I also add logging here -

Now the process assumes that updates are coming in the required format e.g. PT50S for an extension of 50 seconds. Naturally we can make this user friendlier.

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