Thursday, November 24, 2011

BPM 11g feature pack - Notification Task

Nice feature -

In this simple scenario I receive an order containing, among other data, the customer's email address.
First thing I do is send an email confirming receipt of the order.

As usual I'm using JAMES as my email server -

Step 1 - Create some users on JAMES

Step 2- Configure the EMAIL properties on the SOA Server

Set Workflow Notification Properties:

Set usermessaging-email-driver properties

Step 3 Create a simple BPM App

I use the File Adapter to read in the orders.

My XSD / input XML is as follows -

Step 4. Deploy and Test


Edgar said...

Hi ,in My Jdeveloper I don't have a component Notifer task, can I to install it?

Niall Commiskey said...

Hi Edgar,

Have you installed the appropriate JDev version?

Unknown said...


Thanks for the POST. My requirement to send emails to different domains(say yahoo, gmail, etc). I configured outgoing mail server, port in the EM. I am able to send mails to the mails ids of my domain only and not to other domain mail ids. So am I missing any configuration here. How can I achieve this??? Please provide me the proper steps.


Unknown said...


I am not able to send mails that are not in the domain(which I mentioned in the Outgoing server). So, how can I send mails to other domain server also??

Please reply.


Niall Commiskey said...

Hi Ravi,

what mail server are you using locally?
Can you log in separately to the email account., e.g. via Outlook, and send emails to Yahoo accounts from there?

Niall C.

lavanya said...

please share any link for james server installation and configuration part for windows 10 it helps to do the sample

lavanya said...


Please share url or installation and configuration of James server so that it helps for notification purpose samples.