Monday, March 21, 2011

BPM 11g and Notifications

Simple scenario I want to send an email Notification from my BPM process informing a customer that her order has been approved.

I am using JAMES for this simple scenario –

I created the users –

• bpelsender/welcome1
• jcooper/welcome1

Email Setting as follows –

I created a new BPM app in JDev and included the following myOrders.xsd



• Add Order definition to the Business Catalog

Create a Process Data Object v_order, based on the Order type.

• Start Activity --> Implementation --> Define Interface

• Add a User task to approve large orders (Large order >= 10000)

• Add a BPEL process to the composite

Add an EMAIL activity

All we are really interested in is – NotificationService.wsdl & NotificationService.xsd.

• So we can delete the BPEL process

• Implement NotifyCustomer

• Deploy & test

• Check email inbox

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