Monday, November 22, 2010

BPM Signal Events and EDN Part 2

Now we will create another Business Event at the composite level – OrderProcessedEvent

The new event surfaces in the Business Catalogue.

Return to the BPM Design editor and set the implementation type of the End Event to Signal.

Now we have no errors in our process.

Create the required process variables so that it is runnable.

Add a new Business Object of type Order.

Add a Process Data Object variable of this type

Set the Data Associations for Start and End

Ok, so now as soon as the order has been processed, a Mediator component will pick this up and write the order to a file. Here we will leverage the File Adapter(Write) we created earlier.

We then wire this to the File Adapter(Write)
Don't forget to create the required transformation in the Mediator.

Deploy and Test

Sample input file to be dropped into the /in directory


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