Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leveraging BPM Project templates

BPM project templates are stored in MDS. You already have a database based MDS
installed with SOA Suite (DEV_MDS).

In the following simple scenario we will leverage this to work with project templates. We will create a template in JDev and consume it in Process Composer.

Step 1. - Create a Project template in JDev

One thing all BPM projects need are Services.
So this is what our template could contain. So lets begin by creating a new project in JDeveloper of type BPM Template.

Add content to the Business Catalog - currently Business Objects, Human Tasks, Services and Rules etc. are visible in the context of Process Composer.

Create a DB based MDS connection (DEV_MDS schema)

Right click on the project and select --> Publish to BPM MDS

View the MDS repository after publishing.

Now open the web-based Process composer e.g. http://localhost:8001/bpm/composer
and create a new project based on a template.

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