Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11g

If you don't want to go thru the whole install routine, but would like to get up and running immediately with Oracle SOA Suite 11g PS2 incl. BAM, B2B and BPM. then I suggest you try out the following -

The feedback I've had so far is excellent!



- Saumajit ( said...

You saved my day !!! The pre-built image concept is fantastic and really helpful for doing a quick POC.
Do you know if there is any same for other VM vendors available in the market?

Niall Commiskey said...

Hi Saumajit,

We have some Amazon EC2 public images available for SOA / BPM & OSB. More details if you like.

- Saumajit ( said...

Hello Niall, It would be really nice if you can help me with the details.

baadhuku said...

Hi Niall, Can you help me in getting the EC2 public image for Oracle SOA/BPM & OSB. if you can also help me in creating a AMI from the virtual box image what oracle provides

Niall Commiskey said...

Maybe look at