Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Deploying SOA Composite from local JDev to EC2


I have SOA Suite 11g Patchset 2 running on Amazon EC2.
JDeveloper is installed locally.

As my Cloud ip address can change (I'm not using elastic ip) I make the following entry in my Windows hosts file

I then create a connection in JDev to the SOA Suite App Server -

I then test the connection

However when deploying a composite I get the following error -

To get over this I must simply change the following entry in WLS console to reflect my Amazon ip address.

Select my Server (In my case, AdminServer)

Click on Advanced

Re-start WLS and you're up and running!


wizz said...

Roughly how much does it cost you to run a soa suite on ec2?

I used it for a week a while back but was scared off by the cost. Must be said that I was using large instances that where left on and also elastic IP + cloudfront.

Would really consider using it again if I understood the costs.


Niall Commiskey said...

I use EC2 quite often, sometimes for training purposes. I average out at circa €0.40 per hour for an 8GB linux box. I never use elastic ip, ok that involves more work - setting the new ip afresh, but it does save costs. I also never use Cloudfront.

I stop the instances very evening and terminate them at the end of the workshop. I also then delete any volumes I'm using.

To conclude, EC2 can be very useful but you have to be disciplined.

Better - get yourself an 8GB laptop!