Thursday, July 15, 2010

SOA Suite 11g Custom Worklist/Workspace

Many people use the Worklist/Workspace app OOTB. However there may be reasons for implementing your own custom worklist app to interface with the Workflow Service.

So how to do it?

First check out the official doc at

Chapter 31 - Building a Custom Worklist Client.

Essentially the steps are -
1. Get a handle to IWorklistServiceClient from WorkflowServiceClientFactory.

2. Get a handle to ITaskQueryService from IWorklistServiceClient.

3. Authenticate a user by passing a username and password to the authenticate
method on ITaskQueryService. Get a handle to IWorkflowContext.

4. Query the list of tasks using ITaskQueryService.

5. Get a handle to ITaskService from IWorklistServiceClient.

6. Iterate over the list of tasks returned, performing actions on the tasks using

The javadoc is available at -

I'll create a simple example in a future post.


bhaskar said...

Hello ,

This link are useful ..

Can you please create one sample example , how to create custom worklist..

Bhaskar reddy

Niall Commiskey said...

Hi Bhaskar,

please see

Mamatha said...

Worklist task is getting refreshed after performing some action like acquire/release/complete? What to od?

Niall Commiskey said...

Is this in a custom app or the default worklist/workspace?

Mariusz said...

Useful links, thanks. Just now I will start with custom worklist "process portal".