Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memory issues after installing SOA Suite 11g PS1?

I had issues starting the weblogic adminServer after installing PS1 on an older laptop of mine.

Solution -

amend the setSOADomain.cmd in the

set DEFAULT_MEM_ARGS=-Xms512m -Xmx512m
set DEFAULT_MEM_ARGS=%DEFAULT_MEM_ARGS% -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=384m


wildabdat said...

what your consideration, to configure on that parameter value?

wildabdat said...
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Niall Commiskey said...

I assume you mean why do I reduce the MaxPermSize. It is simply a workaround for my outdated laptop.

wildabdat said...

hmm ok, i see, since your post is not too detail, could i know, the basic paramater value? is there any matrix table that compare the value based on hardware resources? i just starting to administrate the soa suite 11g, still amateur.. hehehe

Niall Commiskey said...

The original maxPermSize was 512m.
btw. JRockit doesn't use the concept of permSpace so that's also an alternative. Rule of thumb - Sun for Development, JRockit for production. What hardware/resources do you have?