Monday, October 19, 2009

EMAIL notifications with Oracle SOA Suite 11g

In this example we will use Apache JAMES as our email server and MS Outlook as email client.

We will configure SOA Suite to use James and then we shall create a simple BPEL process to send an email.

· Download from
· Unzip to a directory of your choice
· Start James

telnet into James and create a couple of users

o telnet localhost 4555
o root/root
o adduser bpelsender welcome1
o adduser bpelreceiver welcome1
o adduser jcooper welcome1

Configure Email client for jcooper, bpelsender etc.
· Configure your email client e.g. MS Outlook
o Tools --> Accounts

Configure SOA Suite 11g EMAIL

Set the following Email Driver Properties -

Sender Addresses = bpelsender@localhost
Default Sender Address = bpelsender@localhost
Outgoing Mail Server = localhost
Outgoing Mail Server Port = 25
Outgoing Mail Server Security = none
Outgoing Default From Addr = bpelsender@localhost

Set the following Workflow Notification Properties -

right mouse click soa-infra --> SOA Administration --> Workflow Notification Properties

Notification Mode = Email

Restart soa_server1

Create a simple BPEL composite that sends an email



satish said...

telnet command is not working windows 7 64 bit..telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command (tht was the error thrown in command prompt

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