Thursday, June 26, 2008

Malformed URL error when deploying BPEL demos

In this case, the error was thrown when deploying the workflow form for the AsyncLoanService demo.

I got rid of this error by amending the file in the \bpel\utilities directory.

Check the values for
hostname =
j2ee.hostname = ncommisk-de

j2ee.hostname =

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Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Nathan Phipps, I was in your class in Madrid November 4-5, but I lost your email address. I was wondering if you had any deck/content on when to use ESB vs. BPEL. We have some very strict response time requirements for some synchronous web services we are plannning and I don't want to put in BPEL if it will be a dog. I'm at natephipps AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks!