Tuesday, January 9, 2018

#614 Oracle ICS/OIC Prebuilt integrations

Pre-Built Integration Flows are developed based on best practices and standards based mapping. For example, you have subscribed to Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud. Through Sales Cloud you sell to customers, thru Service Cloud you service the products you have sold to those customers. You will need to have a synchronisation of customers (sales account in Sales Cloud - organization in Service Cloud), contacts etc. between the two.

This is where the pre-builts come into play - these are integration flows you can install in your OIC environment. They contain connection definitions and the mappings, all you need to do is amend the connection definitions to point to your apps e.g. your Sales and Service Cloud instances.

So OIC/ICS is a pre-requisite, we do after all, need a runtime in which to execute the flows.

So where do I find these pre-builts?
They are listed on the Oracle Marketplace. I covered the basics in a previous post, but here is more detail.

Many of these pre-builts come from Oracle, others from partners -
I go to the Marketplace - I search under the Applications tab for Integration Cloud.

The following pre-builts are from Oracle -
the descriptions are taken directly from the Marketplace.

Oracle Field Service to Oracle Service Cloud 

Bi-directional, near real-time data synchronization of
Incidents/Activities and Resources,
with out-of-the-box mapping of salient attributes,
between Oracle Field Service Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud.

Oracle Sales to Oracle CPQ Cloud 

The Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle CPQ Cloud integration allows users to create quotes and sales orders for an opportunity with a consistent UI flow originating in Oracle Sales Cloud.

Oracle Engagement Cloud to Oracle Field Service Cloud 

The Oracle Engagement Cloud to Field Service Cloud integration leverages Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) to enable service agents to capture and submit work orders to Oracle Field Service Cloud for dispatch and full activity execution. 

The following events are supported in these pre-built integration flows for exchanging work order updates, and additional events can be configured through Integration Cloud Service:

Engagement Cloud
  • Created
  • Updated
  • Rescheduled
  • Canceled

Field Service Cloud
  • Updated
  • Started
  • Suspended
  • Canceled
  • Not Done
  • Completed
  • Moved

Oracle Logistics Cloud to Oracle Supply Chain Cloud 

  • Integration: PIM_CREATE_GTM - Create item in GTM
  • Integration: PIM_UPDATE_GTM - Updates item in GTM
  • Integration: OM_GTM - Screens a sales order pre-booking
  • Integration: GTM_OM - Send screening response
  • Integration: OM_OTM - Creates order release in OTM from fulfillment line
  • Integration: OTM_OM - Communicate order shipping information to Order Management Cloud
  • Integration: OTM_WSH - Sends planned shipment
  • Integration: WSH_SCREENING_GTM - Screening for pick confirm shipment line
  • Integration: GTM_SCREENING_WSH - Sends screening response
  • Integration: WSH_SA_GTM - Screening for ship confirm customer shipment
  • Integration: WSH_OTM - Sends actuals into OTM
  • Integration: WSH_SHIP_COMPLETE_OTM - Removes original planned ship units from Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) upon shipment complete message from Inventory Management Cloud.

Oracle Commerce Cloud to Oracle Order Mgt. Cloud 

Real time transfer of orders from Oracle Commerce Cloud to 
Oracle Order Management Cloud for fulfillment.

Oracle Service Cloud to Oracle Marketing Cloud 

Contact/Account synchronisation.

Create or update contacts in Oracle Service Cloud based on contact events in Oracle Marketing Cloud
Create or update contacts in Oracle Marketing Cloud based on contact creation or update in Oracle Service Cloud
Create or update accounts in Oracle Marketing Cloud based on organization creation or update in Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud to Service Cloud 

Accounts and contacts from Oracle Sales Cloud can be synchronized 
with organizations and contacts in Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Commerce Cloud to Oracle Marketing Cloud 

This is the unattended shopping car scenario. Online customer puts goods in her virtual trolley and then disappears. Commerce cloud hooks into this event and sends data on to marketing cloud, where a follow up can be done - "Would you not like to purchase all of those products in your trolley?"

Pre-builts from Bristlecone

  • SAP and Salesforce & Oracle E-Business Suite and Salesforce
  • Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce & SAP CRM
  • Salesforce and ServiceNow & Oracle RightNow
  • Salesforce & Workday and Workday and SAP
  • SAP and Oracle Sales Cloud
  • SAP and Ariba
  • SAP and Concur
  • Salesforce and SuccessFactors
  • Oracle EBS and SuccessFactors
and more...

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