Monday, September 29, 2014

#337 Great offer from Packt Publishing

Check this out here

Thursday, September 25, 2014

#336 Intermittent issue when compiling/deploying ACM 12c app

I hit the following issue a couple of times, when deploying an ACM app -

Here there is an issue with the DescisionService (Rules) xsd -

See the schemaLocation above.

Fix this as follows -

In my case, order.xsd is in the same directory.

re-compile -

Monday, September 22, 2014

#335 Task UI form not rendering in BPM workspace

You deploy your BPM process and UI projects, but do not see the task form when you click on a task in the tasklist?

then do the following -

1. go to em.
2. select the composite
3. select the human task
4. set the host to localhost

re--try the task in workspace -

thanks to my colleague Vidya S.T. for the tip.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#334 BPM 12c --> Web Forms - Adding columns to a table...

Thanks to Michael M. for this hint...

Per default we only see 3 columns, we can delete columns here, but not add them.

To add a new column, just drag an object, e.g. Text, from the palette and drop on the table.

Now you have the extra column.

Friday, August 29, 2014

#16 BPM 12c New Features - Enhanced BAM Integration

Here is my demo process -

Here is my XSD -

The process is relatively simple -

We will add some business indicators to this process -

Counters: for 


Dimensions: for 



Measures: for 


These are now available for use in the BPM process -

I set the 2 dimensions in the SetVars activity to the incoming supplier and product values.

I deploy the app and then open BAM composer - I check out the data objects on the
Administrator tab.

2 data objects have been auto-created for my BAMBPMDemo App.

I now kick off a couple of instances of the process -
some will be auto-approved, others approved and some will be rejected.

Back in BAM, I check the contents of the data object - BAMBPMDemo Activity.

We can now click on the Designer link and create a dashboard -
The detailed steps are covered in a previous post

Add the 2 data objects to the project -

This DO contains process instance metrics -

Create a Dashboard -

Create a View -

I open the Query Editor - and create a new Query

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#15 BPM 12c New Features --> Process Asset Manager (PAM)

From the ORCL New Features Doc -

The Process Asset Manager (PAM) is BPM’s business process repository used to provide seamless collaboration across BPM Process Composer and BPM Studio clients. Both these clients publish projects to PAM which interfaces with source control for versioning and management of BPM assets. Key attributes of the Process Asset Manager are: 
» BPM Project lifecycle management 
» Integrated source control and versioning 
» Seamless collaboration across BPM Process Composer and BPM Studio clients. 
» Provides security and access control using OPSS 
» Utilizes MDS for run-time artifacts. 

I create a new Space - MySpace

Here is a simple process -

Let's save it to PAM

I close the application in JDev.

I now login to BPM composer and open MySpace -

Here is the BPM project -

I add an Activity to the process -

I "publish" the project to PAM -

I return to JDev -

I click on History and Changes 

I now check out

#14 BPM 12c Project Templates

Create the Template from a BPM project

Here I create a template from this project.

Here are the files included -

Use the Template when creating a new project