Thursday, January 23, 2020

#749 OIC for Netsuite

Read all about it here

Monday, January 20, 2020

#748 - OIC --> New Connector for Box

In order to get the above data - I nee to create a new app in Box -

Login to Box Dev Console here

I create a new app of type - Custom App
and then select the Authentication Method below -

I also enter the redirect URI for OIC -

The format is as follows -


Now back to the connection for Box in OIC -

I click Provide Consent, I am then prompted to enter my OIC credentials.

I then see the following -

I click Grant access to Box

#747 - OIC --> Using Visual Builder for Process Task Forms

Good morning to you all on this very fine sunny Winter's morning in Bavaria!

I already posted the basics of leveraging external forms in Process here

Also there are 2 blog posts on the topic of building a simple Process worklist app in VB.

post 1 - surfacing worklist in VB

post 2 completing worklist in VB

But now back to Process Task Forms in VB -

I have a simple scenario - Order Approvals -
The Order is as follows -

The Process is very basic -

Now to the VB form -

I create the relevant page variables and use them as follows -

Now back to Process -

I now configure the Approval Task as follows -

Choose New External UI -

Now add Parameters -

I do not need to add the taskId explicitly.

Create a new instance of the Process -

I enter the following -

Note, I have displayed the task id as READONLY

Now I need to add Approve/Reject buttons to the VB CS page.

Naturally, I then need to call Process to update the task accordingly.
Here is the example for APPROVE -

Note the taskId has been automatically passed to VB -

I set id to "APPROVE"

I then drop a Navigate Back onto the Action Chain

This will return me to the Workspace Task list, once I have approved the order.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

#746 - OIC Feature Flags

Just to remind you all about this -

Feature Flags - Many OIC new features are initially made available as
feature flags. This gives you, as customer, the ability to test and give us feedback.

Currently available Feature Flags include -

  • Connect to Oracle ERP /HCM/Engagement Cloud using Oauth
  • Adapter for Box
  • New designtime based on JET
  • Support for parallel For Each processing

  • Read all about them here 

    #745 OIC - setting Timezone for schedule jobs

    Use Case: Customer wants to change the timezone to enable their scheduler to schedule integrations as per their own timezone.

    Simple - Click on the user icon - top right of OIC screen
    then select Preferences

    Tuesday, January 7, 2020

    #744 - OIC SFDC Connection - Security token error

    I got the above message when testing my SFDC connection in OIC recently.

    As the message states, I need to reset my security token in SFDC.

    This I do - by clicking on Settings - Reset My Security Token

    The new token is then emailed to me from SFDC.

    I now need to taken that token and add it as a suffix to the SFDC user password in my OIC SFDC Connection definition.

    That's it - problem solved!

    Saturday, January 4, 2020

    #743 - OCI Marketplace paid listings

    With this simplified, unified billing experience, customers can now pay for and use ISV partner products that are certified to work on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For this initial launch, US-based customers have the flexibility to pay for these solutions by the hour with no long-term commitments by using Pay-As-You-Go or with Universal Monthly (UCM) Flex credits.

    Coming to EMEA  soon...

    Get more details here