Thursday, January 4, 2018

#613 Adding WAIT functionality to an ICS/OIC orchestration

This is a question that I get often enough. How can I add a WAIT activity to my Orchestration.

Here is a Javascript based example from a colleague of mine - I will call it from an OIC

Here is the flow -

This is simply a REST trigger invoking a REST Service, running on Apiary -

Now, I want to add a short wait before calling the Apiary service.

Currently in OIC, we do not have a WAIT Action -

Here is the Javascript code -

I save this as a .js file and upload to OIC -

Now back to the Orchestration -

I test this with 10000 msec

I activate and test -

Now to setting for 60 seconds -

I test and get the follow error -

I go to the Monitoring console -

So, a possible solution, but only for short WAITs.

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