Thursday, March 30, 2017

#556 ICS 17.1.3. Orchestration Features --> Global Fault Handling

Here is my simple Orchestration -

All it does is check if an organization exists in Service Cloud, creating it, if it does not.

So what features are interesting here?

How about a global fault handler?

Global Fault Handler

To quote the What's New doc -
Here you can configure global fault handling to catch faults in an orchestrated integration and perform actions

You can add global fault handling to orchestrated integrations. This functionality enables you to direct business faults back to the caller or apply business logic before sending faults to the error handling framework. You can add fault handling to any integration type (for example, asynchronous, synchronous, or scheduled fire-and-forget (no response expected)).

So let's do it -

Now I can define the error handling required -

Here I add a Notification -

I could also add the error itself to the Body of the email -

I begin by adding a parameter and setting it to the error code.




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