Thursday, June 26, 2014

# 1 SOA 12c New Features - an overview

Welcome to SOA 12c.

Aligned with industry drivers such as Cloud, Mobile and Data.

Here are some of the new features I will detail in future posts -


1. Single JDev based developer install. Jdev's embedded WLS has the SOA engine deployed on it.
1.1. Uses JavaDB for soainfra schema

The weblogic server is installed here -


2. Debugger

3. SOA Tester
3.1. Develop and test without having to go to EM

4. Continuous Integration support (Maven/Hudson)

5. REST support

6. SOA Templates

7. More flexible authorisation model

8. Exalogic optimisations

9. Enterprise Scheduler (ESS) New component

10. Improved EM console
10.1. Improved runtime visibility

11. Improved Error Hospital

12. Performance improvements
12.1. Composite lazy loading
12.2 DB Schema optimizations

13. Improved SOA Composer

14. MFT - New component - Managed File Transfer

15. Mobile Channel Enablement

16. Cloud Support

17. New JCA Adapters

18. B2B improvements

BPEL Specific

1. Support for inline and standalone sub-processes

2. Templates (Cmponent/Custom Activity)

OSB Specific

1. Design time in JDev

2. Mediator re-sequencer now available in OSB

3. OSB Mgt. Console in EM

4. Dynamic payload validation at runtime. Based on an expression.

OEP Specific

1. Design time in JDev

2. CQL enhancements

3. Spatial Improvements

4. Application compiler

5. Application and CQL testing

6. New and Improved adapters

7. Public Cartridge API

8. Improved Installer

9. Improved Coherence Cartridge

10. EDN integration

11. Business Rules integration

12. Performance optimizations

EDN Specific

1. Re-implemented on the basis of JMS

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