Thursday, May 24, 2018

#631 AIC - VB CS calling Process

Very simple scenario here -

I create a new organization in a VB CS generated UI.
From this UI, I can kick off a PCS Process to approve the new organization.

It is very easy to create Business Object definitions in VB CS -

the first 4 fields above are created by default (creationDate etc).

VB CS knows about the processes deployed in my AIC instance, in my case, only the one.

VB CS provides for rich interaction with processes -
more about them later -

I have created a form to create a new Organization -

I have added a button to the generated form - Call Process - when clicked it should start a process instance -

Now to the action (button clicked) configuration -

Now I simply drag and drop the Start Process Action -

Now all I need to do is map the parameters -

So succinct -

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