Wednesday, February 7, 2018

#616 OIC Trial Quickstart and User Creation

Do you want to get an OIC environment quickly, without having to do any provisioning?

Then do the following -

Feel like a coffee or chamomile tea?

Then go for it now!

Refreshed? Check out progress...

Provisioning is complete!

Now to the Integration Cloud Console -

I have covered Process Builder and Integrations at length in other posts.
Let's now take a look at VB CS - Visual Builder

More about Visual Builder in a future post.

Last step is to add some users -

As you can see, I  can easily grant all my roles (incl. Admin) to this new user.

I can also assign as follows -

Currently, he has no roles assigned to him -

Now, Uncle Paudge is an OIC Integration developer.

So I click on the Add User Roles button

I could delete some of these, if required.
But, I'll leave them as is.

I click Finish -

Uncle Paudge gets an email -

He clicks on the link - blacked out in my screenshot.

sets his password

He then logs in to OIC -

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