Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#581 ICS 17.2.5 New designer features

17.2.5 has seen some changes to the ICS integration designer, let's have a look at some of them.

1. Orchestration

Select: lets one select 1 or more activities in the integration -

As you can see, those selected are highlighted.

I can now drag them to another part of the canvas -

Reposition: click Reposition,
then select the action or invoke you want to reposition,
then do so via drag and drop.

Orchestration Actions

Now let's look at the Actions available in 17.2.5 -

some new ones here -
Function call - call Javascript from your integration.
Logger - enables you to log to the Activity Stream and diagnostic logs.
Scope - allows you to logically structure your actions within a scope. Scopes now have their
own error handlers.

Raise Error: send failed messages to the Error Hospital.

Let's add some of them to the orchestration.

My orchestration has a REST trigger that has 2 paramenters -
1. OrgName
2. CountryCode

I will call a Javascript function to translate the country code into country name.

I begin by creating a couple of new variables via the ASSIGN action -

I now add a FUNCTION CALL -

Now I user the LOGGER action to log the response -

I then add a SCOPE -

As you can see, the scope has its own Fault Handler.
I now drop the createOrg invoke etc. into the scope using REPOSITION.

Click on FaultHandler and you are in, yes, the fault handler -

I activate the integration -

I test via Postman with country code = IE

I check the Activity Stream on the Monitoring page -

Excellent stuff!

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