Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#562 ICS Tech adapters (SOAP/REST) also work in concert with the ICS Connectivity Agent

Looking at the SOAP adapter/connection configuration in ICS 17.1.3 I see the following -

1. a plethora of connection properties -

2. the ability to leverage the Connectivity agent -

I came across this when investigating whether the ICS Siebel on-premise adapter also covers
Siebel UCM(Universal Customer Master). I wasn't too sure about this, so the alternative was to posit use of the SOAP adapter, which can now work via the connectivity agent.

Later my colleague, Srikanth, pointed me to the following doc

All the Siebel supported published web services are documented here.

These published web services are available via service catalog interface to the ICS Siebel adapter,
and, quelle surprise, UCM is included.

The doc is available here

Siebel UCM web services are documented here

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