Friday, January 29, 2016

#473 ICS Execution Agent

I just installed the ICS Execution agent, which is essentially ICS on-premise.

As to be expected, all this is missing is the Agent functionality -

The version I have installed is -

New features of this version include a more ergonomic adapter creation UI -

Notice the new menu options - Users - Administration

Here are the default users -

I can also create new users -

Note the available roles -

Self explanatory, don't you think? I assign all of the roles to NiallC.

I assign the IntegrationServiceDeveloper role to the user RenateC.

Still logged in as weblogic, I click on the Administration button.

Here I can manage my certificates -

ICS Execution Agent runs in a compact domain and you have access to EM -

as well as the sbconsole -

The Weblogic install is at -

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